Our team can supply cut and program keys for most makes and models. We stock a huge range of keys and remotes allowing us to have stock on hand when you need it.

At Alchin Locksmiths, we pride ourselves on our ability to address almost any vehicle lock issue right where you are. Whether you’re at home or stranded in a parking lot without your keys, our experienced team is ready to assist.

Each vehicle manufacturer has different keys for each model. There is a large demand for any locksmith to keep both genuine and aftermarket keys in stock and available for when they are required. This is why over the last 30 years, Alchin has invested heavily in our Adelaide warehouse stock of keys to suit most vehicles. We are equipped and able to assist you, without needing to wait for a key to be shipped from interstate or from overseas.






Can you supply a key for my Car?

With the largest collection of automotive keys and transponders in South Australia, Alchin Locksmiths is equipped and ready to resolve almost any vehicle lock or ignition problem.

If you have concerns about sourcing a key for a specific vehicle, please contact or call our office staff. They will be happy to let you know about stock availability for your vehicle.

Can you cut and program keys for modern cars?

Keys are no longer just a piece of metal that has been cut to fit within a lock. Modern vehicles now use keys that use a microchip to communicate with the vehicle and ensure that it is the correct key. This also allows for modern features such as push start and automatic unlocking when you are near the car.

Each of our vans are equipped with the machinery and diagnostic equipment to be able to cut keys for older cars and program modern transponder keys for most makes and models.

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