Automotive Key Cutting & Replacements

Losing, damaging or having your car keys stolen happens to all of us and can happen at the worst and most inconvenient times. Whatever your troubling situation, our experienced Adelaide locksmiths’ team here at Alchin Locksmiths has the latest computerised car key cutting and programming equipment stored onboard our vans.

Request a call-out with Alchin Locksmiths. We can come to your vehicle in one of our mobile vans, where we will provide a quick and far more cost effective automotive key cutting and programming solution.

With over 70 years combined locksmithing experience, you can trust our team at Alchin Locksmiths to handle any automotive key cutting, programming or replacement issue.

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Cutting and Replacing Keys Without the Original

If you have lost your key or discovered it stolen, there is no need to worry as we do not require the original key to solve your issue. All we need is proof of ownership of the vehicle, and we can get to work on unlocking your car, which our team is professionally trained in completing.

Unlike a mechanic or a car dealership, wherein your vehicle may have to be towed to their location, we will come straight to you wherever your vehicle may be. Meaning that if you are locked out of your car for any variety of reasons, you will not have to tow your vehicle to any location, saving you unneeded stress and money in the process.

Once we have safely unlocked your car, our team will analyse the car door lock to see if a key code is stamped on the lock. If a key code is present, our locksmith can add the key code into software provided in our mobile workshops, which gives the locksmith the cuts necessary for the blank key. If the key code is not present on the lock, our locksmith is professionally trained in analysing the lock to discover the cuts required for the blank key.

All of this professional and cost-effective work will be completed wherever your vehicle is located because we come straight to you.

    Request a call out

    Our Adelaide-based locksmith’s team is willing and capable of resolving any automotive issue that requires a locksmith quickly and efficiently with high-quality workmanship. All it takes is a simple callout, and we’ll be on our way.


    These are some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked about key cutting & replacement transponders

    Can an automotive locksmith cut a new key if I have lost it, or will I have to order a new key from a car dealership?

    Our team of Adelaide locksmiths are fully qualified professionals with years of experience and training to cut brand new keys at a moment’s notice. Compared to many car dealerships, where a prior booking and substantial waiting time and costs are highly possible, our team at Alchin requires a simple callout, and we will be at your car as soon as possible.

    In addition, once we are at your vehicle and assess the issue, cutting, replacing or programming your new car key is a quick and convenient process.

    How long can it take for a mobile locksmith to cut or replace a brand new key?

    At Alchin Locksmiths, we pride ourselves on friendly, quick and convenient service for all of our customers so we can get you back on the road as soon as possible.

    As soon as you book, our team will come straight to you, reducing the time you spend without access to your car.

    In addition, we have a proven and tested track record of cutting and replacing keys in possibly an hour or less, depending on the issue’s complexity meaning you’ll be back on the road in no time.

    I’m stranded on the side of the road, can you help?

    Our team of Adelaide locksmiths do not require your vehicle to be at your place of residence to perform our job, which is excellent if you ever find yourself without your car key while you are out.

    We may require proof of ownership, but once we have this, we can get straight to work on your vehicle at a moment’s notice.

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