Automotive Lock & Ignition Barrel Repairs

A faulty lock on your vehicle or a jammed ignition barrel that needs repairing is a common issue that can occur throughout all makes and models of vehicles. For this reason, our experienced team of Alchin Locksmiths in Adelaide are equipped with the tools and experience to resolve these issues. Our team will come to your vehicle and resolve your issue with the highest quality workmanship.

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Common Faults and Causes

Ignition Barrel Common Issues

Ignition barrels can get jammed or become faulty for various reasons. The car’s age is a genuine factor as the barrel may be simply worn over time and may need a repair or replacing. Other factors can include:

  • Use of a worn or damaged key

  • A broken off key in the ignition

  • A build-up of debris inside the barrel

  • Jammed wafers

Door lock Common Issues

A car door lock is used daily and becomes worn out. Your key may not unlock the door for various reasons, such as:

  • A worn or damaged key

  • Someone has tampered with your lock

  • A damaged lock barrel

  • Jammed wafers

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