RAA Locksmith Contractor

Alchin Locksmith being trusted as the only automotive locksmithing contactor for the RAA means a great deal to our team and is incredibly beneficial for our customers. One such benefit for our customers, includes a subsidy on all our locksmithing services if you are already a pre-existing RAA member.

(08) 8283 3332


How Can I Get a Subsidy Through the RAA?

No matter your situation, the process is quick and straightforward to receive a subsidy on our services.

If you are a member, call Alchin Locksmiths on 8283 3332. We will be able to provide you with quote and arrange for one of our expert locksmiths to come to you. You will be able to claim the subsidy from the RAA by providing them with a paid receipt. 

If you are not an RAA member, you will not receive a subsidy. However, give us a call and we will still be able to help you in your situation and offer an affordable price.

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