RAA Locksmith Contractor

Alchin Locksmith being trusted as the only automotive locksmithing contactor for the RAA means a great deal to our team and is incredibly beneficial for our customers. One such benefit for our customers, includes a subsidy on all our locksmithing services if you are already a pre-existing RAA member.

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How Can I Get a Subsidy Through the RAA?

No matter your situation, the process is quick and straightforward to receive a subsidy on our services.

Firstly, you must be an existing RAA member to receive any subsidy.  If you are a member, call the RAA on 13 1111 in the event of an emergency. RAA  will assess the situation and arrange our services on your behalf which may entitle you to a subsidy.

If you are not an RAA member, you will not receive a subsidy. However, give us a call and we will still be able to help you in your situation and offer an affordable price.

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